Arshia Stand Mixer HM064

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SKU: 2203
Weight: 3.00 KGS
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This Stand Mixer is incredibly versatile; mix cake batter and frost using the wire whisk. Knead your bread and buns with the dough hook and whisk eggs and cream with powerful 400-Watts motor of 5 speeds. ARSHIA Stand Mixer is designed to provide easy access and usage for baking preparations. The Arshia Handand stand Mixer with 2-Litre Stainless Steel Bowl is a versatile and convenient kitchen appliance that brings ease and efficiency to your mixing tasks. With its powerful motor and included stainless steel bowl, this hand mixer offers a complete mixing solution for all your culinary needs.

 ARSHIA hand and stand mixer with bowl helps put your favorite recipes to the test. With a 400 watts motor and five speed settings, this hand mixer can tackle the toughest tasks at the right power of your choice. Comes with stainless steel bowl of 2liter capacity for liquid and 1kg capacity for dry food. With its compact design, the Arshia Hand and stand Mixer is easy to handle and store. The lightweight construction ensures comfortable use, while the ergonomic grip provides a secure and comfortable hold. The mixer and bowl are easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.

  • 400 watts motor with 5 speeds
  • Plastic bowl with 2liters capacity for liquid and 1 kg capacity for dry food
  • Accessories include beaters, dough hooks and spatula
  • Mixer detaches to use as hand mixer for greater control

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