Arshia Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

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SKU: EK112-3331
UPC: 4260672119233
Weight: 8.00 KGS
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Arshia electric kettles boil with power, and pour with ease, meet the Arshia Electric Kettles, where powerful 1800-watt performance meets ultimate convenience. Rapid boiling, secure pouring, and a sleek cordless design make it your perfect kitchen companion. Enjoy quick, easy, and hassle-free hot water preparation every time.

About This Item:

  • Powerful 1800watts

  • Locking lids system that is safe to use when pouring.

  • The compact tray for easy connivance and easy removable cord.

  • Electric kettle is equipped with powerful automatic cordless kettle with easy 360 rotational connector.

  • The electric kettle quickly heat up.

  • The concealed element is especially designed to resist corrosion or scaling up of the heating element.

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