VC612-2603 23L Drum Vacuum Cleaner

VC612-2603 23L Drum Vacuum Cleaner



Arshia Drum Cleaner is an all-around powerful vacuum cleaner made for carpet, hard floor, wall, ceiling, sofa, curtains, and bed, and other surfaces that need a thorough cleaning. It is powered by a 2400 watts motor with guaranteed strong suction power. Its strong body is made from durable metal in a classic black finish. It includes turbo and normal brushes for versatile cleaning. The cloth filter collects dirt with a larger 23 liters dust capacity and dust indicator system. A clean home is a happy home! Make sure to have the trusty Arshia Drum Cleaner in making your place a refreshing and relaxing place to stay.



–  Powerful 2400 watts max. motor, strong suction power

–  Large 23 Liters dust capacity with dust indicator

– 100% copper motor for long-lasting usage