VC270-1368 Digital Vacuum Cleaner
VC270-1368 Digital Vacuum Cleaner

VC270-1368 Digital Vacuum Cleaner



Introducing our own style Arshia Vacuum Cleaner with a super-strong suction motor for your home. It has a low noise level design with a modern built-in remote control handle that features buttons that are always easy to reach for your convenience. You would be surprised with its high dust capacity of 4.5 liters. And this comes with a Turbo brush and Hard Floor Nozzle suitable for cleaning carpet, hard floor, wall, ceiling, Sofa, certain and bed.



– Streamline mold-making and original design, representing modern fashionable life.

– 2400W max. motors, strong suction power.

– Electronic Speed Control with LED Display

– 8 meters power cord length for easy use.

– Motor Protection

– Design of upward air outlet, pollution abatement, to adopt this design, can avoid the dust to pollute the air when using

– High e­ffciency while low noise with HEPA ‑filter

– Multi-filter to avoid the second air pollution To adopt this system, can avoid the second pollution

– One appliance ‑fit with various suction nozzles for multi-purposes

– Motor Protection thermostat

– Various suction nozzles are used to suck up dust on carpet or hard or but also to remove dust on the wall.

ceiling, couch, bed, and all home electric appliances.

– Pedal on/o buttons for easy operation Pedal on/off buttons can release you from stopping for easy operation.

– You can control the Suction power with easy buttons which helps increase or decrease the Suction power

– Dust bag full indicator functions when the dust bag or the air ‑filter is full of dust, the dust full indicator on the top of the body will be covered by red indications. This shows that you need to empty the dust bag or clean the air ‑filter.

– Flexible spring vacuum hose