OH786-2503 Oil Heater with 12 Fin

OH786-2503 Oil Heater with 12 Fin



As the temperature goes down, the need to warm up the ambience is going up, that in return rising costs in electricity bills. ARSHIA Oil-filled electric space heater offers the affordability and soothing warmth you desire without cranking up your utility bills.

Due to the thermal convection and radiant heating, an oil-filled electric space heater warms the surrounding ambient air, by pulling in cooler air and pushing it out via the oil-filled fins. Thus the heated air rises, pushing cooler air down where it is warmed by the heater.

The diathermic oil used in the Oil Heater helps to retain the heat generated by the resistor even when the heater has switched off. It also has a high heating capacity, so it never burns off or needs refilling.

Oil-filled electric space heaters consume less electricity due to a combination of chosen temperature and ECO mode so the heater cycles ON and OFF to keep the room temperature consistent at the preferred level. When the diathermic oil is heated it retains heat after the heater switches off.

The oil-filled electric heater works in silent mode. An adjustable thermostat allows customization of heating preferences.


  • - 2500 W motor
  • - Safety tip-over switch built-in
  • - Anti Freeze Function
  • - 3 Heat Settings and Eco mode
  • - Adjustable Thermostat
  • - Power indicator light
  • - Easy moving wheels
  • - With environmental protection oil
  • - Silent mode
  • - Eco Mode