EP118-2597 6L Digital Pressure Cooker with Double Pots

EP118-2597 6L Digital Pressure Cooker with Double Pots



Arshia Digital Pressure Cooker comes with a tight covering for fast and well cooking and lock-in freshness. Good for frying and other cooking varieties. It is ideal for cooking varieties of foods such as rice, meat, chicken, fish, beans, congee, soup, and cake.



– Powerful 1000 watts

– 6 liters interior non-stick cooking pot and Stainless Steel pot for fast and easy cleanup

– Cooks a variety of food: Rice, Meat, Chicken, Fish, Beans, Congee, Soup, and Cake

– Attractive Brushed Stainless steel Housing

– Automatic keep warm feature at end of each cooking cycle (keeps foods warm up to 12 hours)

– Automatic pressure cooking takes the guesswork out of old-fashioned pressure cookers

– Automatic resumption of cooking when power is restored

after a power failure; prevents a brief power outage from ruining your meal

– Indicator beep at end of the cooking cycle; lets you know when your food is ready

– Cooks intelligently with an optimized pre-programs for certain food

– Saves time and energy by 40-60%

– Preset timer up to 24 hours before cooking