CR110-1477 Cookware Rack for Six Pots

CR110-1477 Cookware Rack for Six Pots



Cookware Rack creates an attention-getting display and helps keep your kitchen organized. This 6 Level stand is crafted in strong stainless steel ensuring durability for a long time along with ample space to keep your pots and pans. It can be easily cleaned with a warm damp cloth and dry cleaned by hand. Fits perfectly in a corner and will match any home décor or even fits easily in small kitchen space and is aesthetically pleasing, a perfect accent piece to any gourmet kitchen! Great space saver and an easy way to display your nice cookware when you are not using it. Get your own Arshia Cookware Rack.



–  Chrome Plated Rack With 6 Levels

– 1.3 Meters in Length

– For Casseroles and Pressure Cookers

– One Carton Consisting 6 Stands

– Easy Installation