CW128-2889 Carpet  Washer
CW128-2889 Carpet  Washer

CW128-2889 Carpet Washer


Meet the New Member of ARSHIA Home Appliances Range Carpet Washer. A German technology endowed 800W Power and 11KPA Vacuum suction degree. This powerful lightweight carpet washer is capable of cleaning the entire house with ease. Its 6 meters long power cord provides the necessary flexibility to meet all your cleaning needs while cleaning upholstery and area rugs. . The enhanced scrubbing brush for better cleaning with vibration brush and side brushes help to reach out even the most remote areas. Money and time saver,  ARSHIA carpet washer is a great solution for a healthy environment, happy and cozy home.


  • Quick dry function of 30 mins empowered by technology Heat Force.
  • 800w power with dual turbo power.
  • Large water tank of 2.1L and 1.6L Dust Tank
  • Provides 11KPA Vacuum Suction Degree
  • Power cord 6m