Warranty Information

The manufacturer provides 18 months warranty, starting from the date on which the appliance is sold to the end user.

The warranty only covers defects in material or workmanship.

The repairs under warranty may only be carried out by an authorized service centre. When making a claim under the warranty, the original bill of purchase (with purchase date) must be submitted.

The warranty will not apply in cases of:

- Normal wear and tear

- Incorrect use, e.g. overloading of the appliance, use of non-approved accessories

- Use of force, damage caused by external influences

- Damage caused by non-observance of the user manual, e.g. connection to an unsuitable mains supply or non-compliance with the installation instructions

- Partially or completely dismantled appliances

- Damage resulting from accidents, mishandling or negligence on the part of the customer or an abnormal variation in supply of voltage liability for consequential loss or damage is not accepted or implied.


Other Conditions

The unit will either be repaired or replaced at our option, free of cost, PROVIDED.

  • The unit is returned at your cost to our nearest service center or to the point of purchase, along with the original cash memo, signed and stamped warranty card.
  • The unit is operated as per the instructions included.
  • The unit has not been opened by or tampered with by anybody except our authorized service centers.



Thank you For Purchasing Arshia

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Cutlery Warranty   



This cutlery set is made of the purest stainless steel 18/10. The 18% chromium ensures

a high stain and rust resistance and the 10% nickel gives the steel luster and whiteness.

This combination of metals provides lasting performance if properly cared for.

Each piece of fine quality Arshia cutlery has a limited warranty against original defects in

workmanship or materials for a period of Twenty five years (25 Years) from the date of

purchase. This warranty does not cover any damages or defects caused by misuse,

abuse, normal wear and tear or failure to use proper care in accordance with the

instructions provided. If any piece fails to conform to this warranty, Arshia will at its

option, refinish or replace the affected piece (not complete set) at no charge. A similar

piece will be used for replacement if the original pattern is no longer available.


All knives contain carbon steel to ensure there sharpness for cutting. Knife blades, made

out of 13% chromium and carbon steel are less oxidation-resistant, but of course

sharper. Due to the carbon steel content in the knives, they are particularly sensitive to

acid foods (i.e. Vinegar, lemon, citric acid etc.), soaking in water and dishwasher

washing. It is important to hand wash knives promptly and dried immediately to avoid

rusting and discolouration.

Basic Care and Use Instructions

1. Before using cutlery for the first time, wash in hot soapy water to remove any

polishing compound that may be left on the stainless steel. Rinse and dry


2. Stainless steel should be washed as soon as possible after use, allowing food to dry

on; exposes cutlery to the complex mix of acids (i.e. Vinegar, lemon etc.) for a long

time can unfortunately promote discolouration. Therefore always rinse cutlery


3. Harsh detergents, Acids such as bleach or lemon should be avoided as this can

harm cutlery surfaces.

4. In order to prevent scratches, avoid coarse grain abrasives and steel-wool.

5. Some coloured stains can appear but they will easily be removed with a special

stainless steel cleaning product.

Dishwasher use

1. Load cutlery loosely in the dishwasher, position the cutlery as far as possible from

the heating element. Always remember to load dishwasher with knives pointing down

for safety.

2. Use mild detergent liquids as recommended above.

3. For hardened-on foods use hot soapy water with a soft, non-abrasive brush to

remove food particles prior to placing in dishwasher.

4. Avoid the rinse and hold cycle.

5. Remove cutlery before the last drying cycle as high heat may cause discolouration.

6. Do not overuse cleaning products as they are corrosive. When the dishwashing cycle

finishes, open the door to avoid condensation on the cutlery which could be the

source of corrosion.

Care Instructions Gold Plated Cutlery

Although gold plated cutlery is dishwasher safe we strongly advise you to wash it by

hand. This has to do with the fact that the gold coating is very delicate and washing it by

hand will certainly lengthen the life span of your gold plating. Do not use any chemical

polish on gold plated cutlery since it might damage the gold or take it off altogether.

Minimal surface scratch occurs during the use of flatware. Over time it becomes a soft

enhancing patina.