NEW LAUNCH: Vacuum Cleaner

NEW LAUNCH: Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

2400W power suction motor with Motor Protection thermostat, makes it a super-strong vacuum cleaner while having motor protection ensure its long-lasting quality. 8 meters power cord with a rewinder provides required flexibility while cleaning. Has Energy Saving function.

Equipped with a 4L dust capacity washable bag, with two pieces of non-woven bag for one time to use.

Environment Friendly
Family and neighbours won't get disturbed as it has a low noise function. Coupled with a Multi-filter (HEPA filter) to avoid the second air pollution, makes it the best choice for years ahead.

Electronic Speed Control
Has Electronic Speed Control with memory of 4 preset speeds for different surfaces. Equipped with a simple intuitive Led display for handy control.

Comes with a knitted hose, 94 cm metal telescopic tube, Q1 metal floor brush, crevice tool, upholstery brush on board. Suitable for
cleaning carpet, hard floor, wall, ceiling, sofa, curtain and bed.

A new model in ARSHIA range of Silent, Environment friendly and Energy saving Vacuum Cleaners.
It has a double layer HEPA filter which prevents any air pollution while cleaning. Low noise function makes the cleaning process enjoyable and you can use it as often as you like as it is also equipped with an Energy Saving function. For best results New Vacuum Cleaner ARSHIA has a programmable 4 speed settings you can control easily through a simple and intuitive LED Display. 8 meters power cord with
rewinder provides desired flexibility while cleaning. 2400 Power
with Motor Protection Thermostat provides excellent suction
ability ensuring its long-lasting quality.

ARSHIA Silent, Environment friendly and Energy saving Vacuum
Cleaner is the best choice for years ahead.