NEW LAUNCH: Stainless Steel Steamer

NEW LAUNCH: Stainless Steel Steamer

The body is made of The Highest Quality Stainless Steel, thickness 0.8-0.6 mm and 5 mm sandwich type bottom. During the cooking process Stainless Steel cookware doesn't expose any elements into food, safe to cook for toddlers, and not susceptible to rust.

Suitable for
Any type of cooking surface such as Electric, Glass Ceramic, Gas, Stove. Safe to use in a dishwasher.

Casserole volume 8 L - 28 cm diameter or casserole volume 9.6 L - 30 cm diameter.

Complete Set
A complete set consists of a casserole, and 4 steamer layers, with a glass lid for better cooking process control. Silicone handles remain cool to the touch.

A New Multilayer Stainless Steel Steamer from ARSHIA
will delight lovers of Asian sweets, healthy and dietary foods.

Made of the finest food grade stainless steel 18/10, completed with silicone handles cool to the touch for safety and comfort, and glass lid for better control of the cooking process.

Available in two sizes 8L and 9.6L with 28 cm and 30 cm diameter respectively.

It is easy to boil, heat, steam and simmer a wide variety of foods, vegetables, dietary meats, sweets, and cook dumplings. Also, the Steamer can be used as a casserole for making soups, polenta, and more.

Its aluminum base among two layers of stainless steel provides improved heat distribution avoiding so-called hot spots.

The ARSHIA steamer is made of high quality stainless steel that is not susceptible to rust, polished for sparkling, long-lasting beauty.