NEW LAUNCH: Granite Cookware Set

NEW LAUNCH: Granite Cookware Set

Granite Cookware Set

Finest Coating 5 layer

Made of the Finest 5 layer coating with the top Granite Coating layer. Aluminium Die-casting for enhanced, even heat distribution and better cooking outcomes. Aluminium is known as an excellent heat conductor that helps to distribute heat evenly, avoiding “hot spots”

Safe to use on any surface
Any item of the set can be used for Electric, Glass Ceramic, Gas Stoves. Also, Dishwasher safe.

Chemical free & Environment friendly
Doesn't contain carcinogenic substances, PTFE and PFOA free. Doesn't contain Lead & Cadmium. Made of 100% recyclable aluminium.

18 pieces Set, Glass Lid
The set consist of: Casserole 32cm, Casserole 28 cm, Casserole 24 cm, Casserole 20cm, Fry Pan 28cm, Wok Pan 28 cm, Fry Pan 24 cm, Crepe Pan 24 cm, Milk Pan 18 cm, Double Pan 32 cm. All items have a steam knob.

Set Packaging
All items have individual box and additionally packed together in a gift box.

It is made of 100% recyclable Die-cast Aluminium base for enhanced heat distribution and even cooking, covered with 5 layer of the finest Non-Stick coating including Granite coating layer on top. Carcinogenic, PTFE, and PFOA substances free. Doesn't contain Lead & Cadmium.
The New Set is designed in Ivory Black Colour to suit any kitchen style and to emphasise culinary masterpieces made in it.
All Casseroles have a wave-like handles and overall aesthetic outlook to allow serve food in the Casserole itself. Suitable of all cooking surfaces and stoves.

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