NEW LAUNCH: Digital Kitchen Scale

NEW LAUNCH: Digital Kitchen Scale

Digital Kitchen Scale

Arshia brand Kitchen scale

Smart Tare Function
Equipped with Smart Tare Function that al lows to deduct the weight of container used to hold item/s to measure.

Food grade Stainless Steel , Tempered Glass, Plastic.

10kg/22lb capacity, 0.04oz/1g division. The scale can convert measurement in g /oz/ ml/kg effectively.

Touch Key. Auto-of f function, fast calibration in seconds,
equipped with high precision sensors system to give accurate weight al l the time. LCD screen to easily read measures.

Complete set
Comes with three 1.5V AAA Carbon Zinc Batteries

A New Ultra Slim model with Smart Tar Function in ARSHIA Kitchen Scale range.
Slim shape with the style, elegance and minimalism, with Food Grade Stainless Steel finishing. Easy to keep clean with a simple wipe. It is light, ultra slim, and take a little space in the kitchen while provide a tool to measure weight up to 10 kg or 22 lb.
Design prevents unavoidable water stain and ensure its accuracy. Fast calibration in seconds, equipped with high precision system sensors to give accurate weight all the time.
Touch Key, measures in g/oz/ml/kg/lb effectively. Features tare and auto-zero functions for easy compatibility with other containers. You can measure water, milk, powder, flour in a bowl, mug, plate, or other containers.
One click Touch Key to reset the weight to zero with the empty container on the scale. All ingredients can be in the scale, just hit the Touch Key and keep adding your ingredients.