ARSHIA is a German brand of high-quality cookware, flatware and household appliances represented in MENA, Europe and CIS regions.

In the Middle East market in 2000 year there was a big gap between high and low quality products. It was the time when the idea of introducing to the market German quality of middle and upper class products arose and the ARSHIA brand was created to fill the gap.

The Brand became introduced to the MENA market 2003 in the partnership with Al Tannan Group of Companies, and in the same year was launched the first product line - a range of cutlery that has been destined to become the flagship product of the brand.

2000 year


2022 year

ARSHIA cutlery


In 2007 ARSHIA has become registered as a trade mark. 

After successful launch the ARSHIA rapidly expanded range from cutlery to non-stick coating cookware, kitchenware, stainless steel cookware, electrical kitchen and home appliances.

Today the brand is covering all major categories and introducing 42 ranges in kitchen and home appliances, such as: cutlery sets, dinnerware, utensil sets & knives, scales and dish racks, food and drink warmers, manual pressure cookers, pots and pans, cookware sets, kettles, microwaves and ovens, stoves, grillers, bread makers, air fryers, digital pressure cookers, multi cookers, sandwich makers, hand blenders, grinders and choppers, food processors, meat grinders, hand mixers, stand mixers, table blenders, juicers, electric kettles, coffee makers, tea makers, steam press, steam stations, steam irons, dry irons, water dispenser, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, room heaters, air coolers and fans, insect killers, hair dryers, body scales.

Over twenty years the brand has expanded to CIS, Middle East, Africa, and European continent and keep growing.

The uniqueness of the brand lies in the strong international product development team located in Korea, Turkey, China and Germany, and close connection with end users, all inquiries are being reviewed and resolved involving top management if required. Customer satisfaction at levels is the cornerstone of brand strategy.

The Vision
Create Happy Homes. Happy families. Happy You... all from good Kitchen & Home items.

We are team that is highly motivated and is focused on success by working from the heart. We commit to great products, services, and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside organisation.
We are committed to establishing up to date and new products in the market. We embark on pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.
We are in our relations with one another, our customers, and suppliers. We are honest, clear and sincere towards everyone with whom we communicate.
Customer Care
We are devoted to providing an experience like no other in meeting customer expectations. Support services before, during, and after purchase to employees and customers.
We act with honesty and honour without compromising the truth. We keep our promises to our customers. We stand behind our work, promises, products and services.